Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow do you know what we did last Friday? Well we played badminton. Mr Marks got us some bats to hit with. Donna who was our new coach came to teach us. Demonstrating what to do Donna first gave us some instructions. Then she looked around to see who was good for demonstrating what to do.

Looking to see if someone was sitting up she pointed at Lorenzo, she asked him if he wanted to demonstrate and he said yes. Before demonstrating Emma said that we will be playing volley badminton. Then she demonstrated, that if you hit the shuttle and miss, then your turn is over.

It was girls vs girls and boys vs boys. My buddy was Quziyah and we were very good. Feeling nervous she got out because Hope hit the shuttle, but when Quziyah went to hit it she missed. I have beat all the girls. After the last game we went back to class to work. I was happy but I was sad that we were going because I want to play volley badminton again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ripper Rugby

Every Friday we play ripper rugby. I got two tries. It was like I was at a rugby game and everyone was cheering for me. The boys got one try but I got two tries.

Full of disappointment the other team was sad because they did not win. The result was three to us and one to them. Some of the kids went sadly to class. I am looking forward to next week.