Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grace Highlights

Sweat coming down my face as I went down the jump n slide. I flip onto my face, everyone laughed. I jump off and went to the Jousting bridge. I lined up and waited for my turn, I ran up the steps and look across to Ana.

Ana walked up to me all ready to push me off. Ana grabbed onto me and pushed me down but I pulled her down with me.

Me and my friend Ana and Annliz rushed to the Trap-eze. I had seen how high the Trap-eze was, my Stomach was rumbling with fear. Ana quickly ran into the line. I just watched her go up, she swang up and down then landed on her back. I didn't really had time to go on, all of us lined up and walked to the bus.

This year I've enjoyed playing sports and learning about new things. I especially love doing maths. I think that maths is really interesting, I love learning new things. I think that writing is what I need to work on more. My favourite sports is netball, because I like to challenge other people and learn some new things.