Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow! We were all excited because we were going to the pools to swim.
At lunch time we raced to get our togs and we lined up quickly so we could go. Room seventeen were coming swimming with us too.

While we were walking I heard the rustling of our plastic bags. We were all so excited! As we walked into the pools we said hello to the reception ladies and they said hello back to us. You could smell the chlorine and chemicals as you walked in. Some people say that it smells nice, but to me it smells worse than toe-jam! All of room fifteen girls went to the girls room and the boys went to the boys room.

Inside the toilets we were getting into our swimming togs to go swimming. Very quietly we walked past the big pool to go around to the shower. My shower was very cold so I went into the another shower which was nice and hot. After rinsing off I went and sat down next to my cousin Quziyah. Sitting still I got old very quickly. I felt like I was an ice cube because I was so freezing!

When it was my turn I jumped into the pool when Miss Garden was not looking. Before she turned around I swapped places with this boy so I was next to my friend Hope. Miss Garden got us some flutter boards to swim with. She told me to try freestyle so I did. When I got back to her Miss Garden told me that I was good at me swimming. Swimming was a lot of fun, but our turn was over quickly because the other class had arrived.

We got back into our clothes and went outside to go back to school. While we were waiting patiently, I heard the rustling plastic bags again. Very nicely we walked quietly around by the play ground back to our class past Room 14. I look forward to the next time we go swimming.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Tower

Wow! On Monday it was a blast because we were building towers. Half of the class went to Room Fourteen. Instead I stayed and my best friend went to the other class.

Mr Marks told us the instructions. Mr Marks first got us some newspaper to get started. We got into threes and fours. We got started and the first thing we did was think and think until we came up with the idea that we were going to roll it into cylinders. It was frustrating for our team because it keep on toppling over. We put something down by the tower so it wouldn’t tip over, but it did. It was very high, it was even taller than me. We were working as a team.

We finish and it was stable. When Mr Mark said to stop it fell over. We lost but we had fun.