Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter along with his wife Sonia. He and his wife invented the orphism art form. He used vibrant colour and geometric shapes. He was also a writer of poems.

He liked to use vibrant colors that brings his art alive. He also used contrasting colours because he must of liked how it looked interesting. He also used geometric shapes for object or people in his art work.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman, he painted a large leaf plant on the left hand side.
Each leaf  was used with contrasting colours. In the center of the picture he used circle as she was at work.  

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Delaunay.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flicking and Dripping

Just doing our work Mr Marks told us we will be doing art. What a exciting activity. We got our A3 paper and put it on a cardboard, I sellotaped my A3 paper onto my cardboard.

I grabbed a paintbrush and splattered it on my paper. What a mess but it was cool. Have you ever splattered paint on paper before?

I used contrasting colours it was very colourful. As soon as we could we flicked, splattered and we dribbled all the colors before we packed up.  

The artist we were inspired by was Jackson Pollock. He lived in America. He was married and he smoked and drank a lot. His wife’s name was Lee krasner. He died at 44 in a car crash at an early age. He was really passionate about his art.   


Friday, May 18, 2012

Could Creatures Live Without Rain

If there was no rain the sea creatures will be the only creatures alive. It is possible that the creatures that live on land would not survive without rain.

There are a few parts of the world where it  does not rain. In the desert plants and animals can not live there because it does not rain there.

Some people in the city get angry when it rains. They forget that farmers badly need to grow  grass and food. Also cattle needs water.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Grace swimming lessons

Getting ready to go to swimming we grabbed our bags and went. As we were walking I heard all the of our plastic bags while the wind was blowing. During while we were going there, I could already smell the chlorine near. As soon as we got there we went inside and I nearly slip on the slippery surface.

We tiptoed across to put our bags down. I went to go to take off my uniform and went to go and rines myself. Cold as an ice block I jumped in and it was really cold.

The person that was teaching us gave us a flutter board and told us to go and swim to the end. While swimming to the end my legs got very tired, I was beginning to give up. My legs still swimming nearly to the end I stop, the person “said’ to me to keep on going so I did’. I made it I “said’ in my head’ I couldn't wait again for my turn.

Unfortunately we had to go back to school. It was really disappointing to go but we get to go the next day for two weeks.   


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rippa Rugby

I was really excited to go to EDEN park. I could not wait to go there.
After school on Friday 27th of April, we all went to the hall and waited there.

Some of the glee people were there in the hall, because they had glee.
We got ready and we jump into the car and off we went. I went with Mr Marks as well as Annliz and another girl.

We set off and went to eden park. On the way there we lost Mrs va’afusuaga. Mr Marks called her on his phone when we got there.
She said that she was just finding a spot where they can park.

When we got on the field I had butterflies in my stomach. We had a really great day at eden park, then the miserable weather came. As fast as we finished our game we ran to the pirate mascot. Next after all that excitement game we watched the blues game and we got merchandise.
We all went home at half time and that was a miserable thing to.