Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Dream Holiday


On the weekend my cousin came to my house. We had lots of fun. We went to the movies and to the swimming pools. We watch brave. When we got home we watch some tv. On Sunday me and my cousin went to the shop to buy some lollies. When we got home we played on the trampolin. We play lots of games. But sadly she had to go home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Alien

Years ago there were aliens, the alien had dragons for cars and humans for pets. There were these two aliens named Ally, Tim, Ally's pet bubbles and Tims little sister named little blue. Ally and Tim were best friends but tim was hiding a secret. His secret was that he like ally but not as a friend. They were neighbours and they always like to play games. They always hid from the M.A.D Monster alien detective and stands for MAD! One day Ally was walking her pet bubbles to the zombie park, until she bumped into the Monster alien detective. They took
Ally and pet bubbles. As well Tim and his little sister was going to the zombie park. Tim and little blue hid behind the rocks and saw Ally and pet bubbles getting taken away.Tim followed the vane into a dark tunnel. They went into the dark secret tunnel. The tunnel inside had human pets gardening the door. Tim saw Ally screaming through the window. To be continued.....  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five A Side Football Grace

Guess what? We have been watching movies about Paralympics. There really good at what they play. Paralympics means something is wrong with there legs, arms or if they are blind or can’t hear. Five  a side football is made for blind people or other people. They have to be blindfolded so it could be fear. They have speedy legs it was like he was a professional player. I can’t even believe that they could get a goal.  

Rippa Rugby-Grace

Last week on Friday my team  had a  rugby tournament. I was so excited to play rippa rugby.‘Ring, RIng’ went the ball as we cheerfully went to the staff room.

Chucking on our gear, it was suddenly time to go. All I could hear on the on way there, was blah, blah , blah.  When we got to the reserve I didn’t think that there will be so much people.

Once Mrs Va’afusuaga got us soughted we were playing Bailey Rd school. I thought that we were going to loses.The first seven went on. I went on the field very nervous, Mrs Va’afusuaga said that I am captain and Hope vice captain.

Wow! Guess what happen? Well we won, one down five games more left.
Next we had a break, we had morning tea and a drink. We went to play on the  park and filled up our drink bottle.

We won all six games and we are going to auckland champs. Wow! that will be so cool. After that we went back to school.