Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Very Tired Cross Country

The starting of the race my stomach had butterflies. Have you ever had butterflies when you race? Well I do sometimes, well this time I had the butterflies really bad. Mr Burt said on your mark get set GO!

Of I went on to the muddy track sprinting to the finish line. While running this big mud puddle came up, I went right through it, yuck that's squishy. Running through the track I passed some of the ten years old.

When I was running my shoe came off. Running back to get it I saw my friend running up to me so I ran with one shoe on. As well I slipped on the muddy footpath.

While I was running I felt so lazily and tired. My breathing changed. I went from breathing slow to huffing and puffing. Eventually I started to jog all the way there.

Jogging through the gates I saw Mr Jacobsen. Going to the finish line I heard Mr Jacobsen saying here comes the first eleven year old girl. Wow! I flew to the finish line, I was so happy that I came first.        

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Delicious BBQ

On Tuesday Mr Marks told us some great news. Mr Marks said we are going to have a sausage sizzle. He told us to pay him one dollar for the sausages.

Mr Marks called over to me and Hope to come and cut the onions. I cut the sides off and then cut the onion in half. Peeling the layers I started to get watering eyes. My eyes started to sting. I cutted half onion rings and put them on the plate.

Then Mr Marks put the onions and sausages on the BBQ to cook. Have you ever had a BBQ at school? I could smell the sausages cooking. It felt like I could tasted it.

After that Mr Marks stacked the sausages on top of each other. It looked like logs of trees. The sausages look like fat pencils.

Finally we got to taste the sausages. We got and got some bread and some napkin we lined up for our sausage. I lined up for some tomato sauce. It tasted delicious and I could see some crumbs falling of. After that we went to go have some lunch.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Huffing and Puffing I'm nearly there

Nearly every day team four go running for cross country, because cross country’s coming up and we are getting ready. We go out to the courts and line up.  Mr Marks calls out the years like year 5 and 6. He calls out year 5 boys and all of the year 5 boys start running. Out they went racing off.

I was very nervous but when he said year 6 girls I started running as fast as I could. It got very crowded when we were going through the door. Running through the boys I was coming first. I started sweating and getting very tired and slow. As I got near the gate I just started to go very fast. I don’t know why.

I made it I said to myself as I walk around the outside of the court. We did our exercise then we tiredly went back to class.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Golf

 On July the 24th it was my birthday, me and my friends went to mini golf on July the 27th. It was so exciting to go. I picked Mele, Quziyah and my cousin to come. We went to go and pick them up and they gave me presents. Then off we went hungry for mini golf.

We went to the course and started to play. I went first. I hit the ball like a bullet and I got it in, in two go’s. My mum was last and she got it in, in one go. After that great game we finally got to the pirate ship. It was very hard because the poles were in the way. I was full of disappointment because I came last at mini golf but it was fun.

After mini golf we went to Burger King. We had chocolate and caramel ice cream. Yum! We all went to my house after Burger King and Mele and Quziyah slept over at my house.