Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interviewing Year 2

Our class had been working on some ideas for what people might like for a toy. We would be designing and creating toys that would be fun for kids, also to play with on their free time. On Wednesday last week we walked to the village to interviewed little kids. I had interviewed Eden, Pisirina and  Katie. Eden is six Years of age, for a toy she would like is a mermaid doll. I  had ask her “why would you like a mermaid doll”, Eden replied “because its pink and pretty”.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Empathy means caring for one another. Sharing with other people who are sad, also empathy means understanding your friends. Looking out for one another is also very important. It also means when you can imagine how people are feeling. True friends can tell how your feeling. Some of the words that people say to you make you feel sad or maybe like even crying but theres always that one friend who understands how you're feeling. Friendship can relate to empathy because a lot of your friends can understand how you're feeling and can really cheer you up and make you feel better.