Friday, May 9, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Omg, what a great start to term two. Immersion assembly was amazing. I loved how there was lots of excitement in the hall and seeing all my friends.

What is an immersion assembly you say? Well at our school every start of the term we have an “immersion assembly”. The teachers perform or show a movie of what they're team topic is about, and us, team 5, our topic is about ‘SOUND’!

I loved the costumes that they had on. The costumes were colourful. They also had funny wigs on. These were bright as well.

My favourite performance was team 5. I like their movie about sound. In the movie they had showed them playing instruments. They danced, it was so cool and funny. My highlights of being back to school is seeing my friends.


  1. Hello Grace,
    I was just really interested in this "Immersion Assembly". It sounds very interesting. It sounds like it was a big hit! I really want to know more about "Immersion Assembly".
    I think next time, when you post something up, you should check for capital letters.

    Deja - Saint Pius X Catholic School

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  3. Grace,
    My name is Robin, I live in the United States, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, located in Mobile, AL. For my class EDM 310, I was assigned to comment on your blog this month. It's great to meet someone from Auckland, NZ and explore your blog and your classes blog. I've never been out of the States, so it is interesting to see blogging from a student in New Zealand.
    This post is very enlightening about your day at the "Immersion Assembly" and what the assembly means to you and your school. It sounds like a lot of fun for you, your classmates, and also your teachers! It seems like a great way to start the school term, and also unify all of the classes.
    Your post has a few grammatical errors, but to help you improve next time I would suggest re-reading your post two or three times. The more you re-read your post then the more you recognize your errors, therefore you can correct and add to your post for a better improved blog post.
    Overall, you have a lot of excitement in your writing! It was great to read a little about your school's "Immersion Assembly" and all the creative fun you had that day!
    Please visit my class blog EDM 310 Class Blog or my blog Robin's Blog!
    It was great to read and comment on your blog, best of luck to you during this new school term!

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