Friday, October 19, 2012

The Robbed Bank

On the way to the bank Hope, Dontae and Mele saw a guy pass by with a gun in his hand. They said “wow watch out for that guy he might kill someone”.

When they got to the bank, the same man dropped by again but this time he wasn’t alone. The manager came out and said the bank had just been robbed, and he ran away screaming for help.

A superhero from another planet heard him screaming for help. He raced to our planet, and arrived just in time. “What is it?’’ he asked.  “That man is getting away with the banks money’’ said the manager. “No he won't I will get him”, all they could hear was a bang and he was down on the ground crying like a baby.
The superhero goes back with a major thanks from the bank. Hope, Dontae and Mele were relieved  that the bank got there money back.