Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Practising Prize giving Grace

Nearly every day we have prize giving practices. Room 15-17 go’s to the hall and practice. When we got to the hall we had to be very silent.
We got into the hall and sat down. Miss Garden says” now it’s time for the year six item”. We standed up and went to our spots and then put our heads down. Miss Erasmus plays the song and everyone starts dancing. Then the girls turn to the boys and the boys starts to do the dougie.

Then the next song plays, it’s really a cool song. My favourite song out of all of them is hall of fame. After posing Mele walks off and goes and sits down. Miss Garden said to us” we have to learn the hall of fame song at 2:45”. So we lined up and  went back to class.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Grace Netbook Reflection

What I like about learning with my netbook:
I like using my netbook because we don’t have to write in our books. We can do math whizz and studyladder and other things on our netbook. I like learning on my netbook because we can learn faster.

What frustrates me:
Having to look at  my netbook then looking back to my math book.   The internet go’s slow because all the other kids are on it.

What would make it better:
Having to look at my netbook and not my math book at the same time.

How does school compare now vs before you had a netbook:
I really like doing my work on my netbook better than writing on books.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kawau Island

On Tuesday the 20th of November the year sixe’s went to Kawau island.  Have you ever been to Kawau island? Well I have. I got up in the morning at
6.30am and went to school. All the people that was going on to kawau island had a meeting including us.

All of us went on the bus and to sandspit. On the way there we saw lots of things. When we got to sandspit my legs were so sleepy.

We had a little something to eat and then we could have a play around. When the ferry came we took all the bags to the ferry. We went on the ferry and off we went to kawau island.

On the way there it was cold but cool. Finally we got to kawau island, we unloaded our bags and went to our cabins. After that we went for a walk around the place. Next after the walk we walk back and it was time for dinner.

After dinner we got into our Pj’s and went to sleep. In the morning went got into our trainer and went for a run. After our long run went had breakfast.

My favorite thing there was sailing. On thursday we had performances our team kawau won.       

Friday, November 9, 2012

Flying Through Space

One sunny day Bella thought to herself that she will do something amazing today. Maybe go to the mall or do something with her friends, no she wanted to fly into space but instead of going to space maybe fly around the world, exploring, But afraid she couldn’t fly like a bird or like a airplane.

Her dad Benson was a scientist, he always wanted his daughter to have the things she wanted. He over heard what she was saying, he ran back to his lab. At night Benson creeped inside her room, while she was sleeping Benson tipped the formula on Bella.

When Bella woke up she was floating like there was no gravity. She flew out the window and played outside she flew up and down around and around, but soon she wanted to go back inside but she couldn’t, she tried and tired back she just couldn’t, the flying got out of control. She was going into space.

She screamed and screamed for help. Know one could hear her, nearby there was a dragon peaceful asleep. Until she woke the dragon up. The dragon flew up to help the screaming girl.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Computer That Came Alive

One sunny day Cody and Katie went to the computer shop, But it wasn’t an ordinary shop it was a mad scientist shop. A mad scientist was working on a experiment with computers.  He had finally made a computer robot that can destroy the world.

The computer was control by the scientist, the robot was destroying italy. All the people were screaming for help. Nearby Wonder Woman heard all of italy screaming for help, wonder woman raced off to help italy.

Wonder woman got there just in time before the crazy robot was going to destroy all of italy. Wonder woman didn’t know how to stop the robot. Until Cody and Katie got a idea, they whispered into wonder woman's ear.

Finally wonder woman followed Cody and Katie idea. The robot saw wonder woman and followed her into outer space.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Robbed Bank

On the way to the bank Hope, Dontae and Mele saw a guy pass by with a gun in his hand. They said “wow watch out for that guy he might kill someone”.

When they got to the bank, the same man dropped by again but this time he wasn’t alone. The manager came out and said the bank had just been robbed, and he ran away screaming for help.

A superhero from another planet heard him screaming for help. He raced to our planet, and arrived just in time. “What is it?’’ he asked.  “That man is getting away with the banks money’’ said the manager. “No he won't I will get him”, all they could hear was a bang and he was down on the ground crying like a baby.
The superhero goes back with a major thanks from the bank. Hope, Dontae and Mele were relieved  that the bank got there money back.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Dream Holiday


On the weekend my cousin came to my house. We had lots of fun. We went to the movies and to the swimming pools. We watch brave. When we got home we watch some tv. On Sunday me and my cousin went to the shop to buy some lollies. When we got home we played on the trampolin. We play lots of games. But sadly she had to go home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Alien

Years ago there were aliens, the alien had dragons for cars and humans for pets. There were these two aliens named Ally, Tim, Ally's pet bubbles and Tims little sister named little blue. Ally and Tim were best friends but tim was hiding a secret. His secret was that he like ally but not as a friend. They were neighbours and they always like to play games. They always hid from the M.A.D Monster alien detective and stands for MAD! One day Ally was walking her pet bubbles to the zombie park, until she bumped into the Monster alien detective. They took
Ally and pet bubbles. As well Tim and his little sister was going to the zombie park. Tim and little blue hid behind the rocks and saw Ally and pet bubbles getting taken away.Tim followed the vane into a dark tunnel. They went into the dark secret tunnel. The tunnel inside had human pets gardening the door. Tim saw Ally screaming through the window. To be continued.....  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five A Side Football Grace

Guess what? We have been watching movies about Paralympics. There really good at what they play. Paralympics means something is wrong with there legs, arms or if they are blind or can’t hear. Five  a side football is made for blind people or other people. They have to be blindfolded so it could be fear. They have speedy legs it was like he was a professional player. I can’t even believe that they could get a goal.  

Rippa Rugby-Grace

Last week on Friday my team  had a  rugby tournament. I was so excited to play rippa rugby.‘Ring, RIng’ went the ball as we cheerfully went to the staff room.

Chucking on our gear, it was suddenly time to go. All I could hear on the on way there, was blah, blah , blah.  When we got to the reserve I didn’t think that there will be so much people.

Once Mrs Va’afusuaga got us soughted we were playing Bailey Rd school. I thought that we were going to loses.The first seven went on. I went on the field very nervous, Mrs Va’afusuaga said that I am captain and Hope vice captain.

Wow! Guess what happen? Well we won, one down five games more left.
Next we had a break, we had morning tea and a drink. We went to play on the  park and filled up our drink bottle.

We won all six games and we are going to auckland champs. Wow! that will be so cool. After that we went back to school.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Very Tired Cross Country

The starting of the race my stomach had butterflies. Have you ever had butterflies when you race? Well I do sometimes, well this time I had the butterflies really bad. Mr Burt said on your mark get set GO!

Of I went on to the muddy track sprinting to the finish line. While running this big mud puddle came up, I went right through it, yuck that's squishy. Running through the track I passed some of the ten years old.

When I was running my shoe came off. Running back to get it I saw my friend running up to me so I ran with one shoe on. As well I slipped on the muddy footpath.

While I was running I felt so lazily and tired. My breathing changed. I went from breathing slow to huffing and puffing. Eventually I started to jog all the way there.

Jogging through the gates I saw Mr Jacobsen. Going to the finish line I heard Mr Jacobsen saying here comes the first eleven year old girl. Wow! I flew to the finish line, I was so happy that I came first.        

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Delicious BBQ

On Tuesday Mr Marks told us some great news. Mr Marks said we are going to have a sausage sizzle. He told us to pay him one dollar for the sausages.

Mr Marks called over to me and Hope to come and cut the onions. I cut the sides off and then cut the onion in half. Peeling the layers I started to get watering eyes. My eyes started to sting. I cutted half onion rings and put them on the plate.

Then Mr Marks put the onions and sausages on the BBQ to cook. Have you ever had a BBQ at school? I could smell the sausages cooking. It felt like I could tasted it.

After that Mr Marks stacked the sausages on top of each other. It looked like logs of trees. The sausages look like fat pencils.

Finally we got to taste the sausages. We got and got some bread and some napkin we lined up for our sausage. I lined up for some tomato sauce. It tasted delicious and I could see some crumbs falling of. After that we went to go have some lunch.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Huffing and Puffing I'm nearly there

Nearly every day team four go running for cross country, because cross country’s coming up and we are getting ready. We go out to the courts and line up.  Mr Marks calls out the years like year 5 and 6. He calls out year 5 boys and all of the year 5 boys start running. Out they went racing off.

I was very nervous but when he said year 6 girls I started running as fast as I could. It got very crowded when we were going through the door. Running through the boys I was coming first. I started sweating and getting very tired and slow. As I got near the gate I just started to go very fast. I don’t know why.

I made it I said to myself as I walk around the outside of the court. We did our exercise then we tiredly went back to class.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Golf

 On July the 24th it was my birthday, me and my friends went to mini golf on July the 27th. It was so exciting to go. I picked Mele, Quziyah and my cousin to come. We went to go and pick them up and they gave me presents. Then off we went hungry for mini golf.

We went to the course and started to play. I went first. I hit the ball like a bullet and I got it in, in two go’s. My mum was last and she got it in, in one go. After that great game we finally got to the pirate ship. It was very hard because the poles were in the way. I was full of disappointment because I came last at mini golf but it was fun.

After mini golf we went to Burger King. We had chocolate and caramel ice cream. Yum! We all went to my house after Burger King and Mele and Quziyah slept over at my house.     

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Touch Relay-Grace

Months before each games the olympic cauldron is lit with flame from greece through the whole Olympic games. A female performer acting as a priestess ignites the touch.

The olympic torch is brought in during the opening ceremony and it is passed on until it reaches the last carrier, to light the cauldron. Then the Olympic games officially begins.

Session Two: Art In Movement

Room 15 went to the hall for art in movement. We all did some warm ups, we did running,
jumping, and other stuff. After that we got back into our groups and learn another groups
dance.  It was very hard at first but then it got a little easy. After all that we went back to class
and blog about it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Art In Movement Grace

Today on July 23 our classroom was learning about art in movement. Mrs  Muliaumasealii told
us to pick some pictures in groups about the Olympics. After that we lined up and went to the

When I got there I had to set up the sound for the music. I got back in my group with keis,
Vaifoa,  Aldora and Taniela. We did six movements fencing, boxing, basketball, archery,
weight lifting and judo.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic Grace

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The Olympics Symbol is better known as the circle rings that represent the five inhabited continents(Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australasia). The colour version blue,yellow,black,green,red forms the olympic flags. It was created in the 1914's and it was first used in 1920’s.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Favourite Art

My favourite piece of art had lots of colours that I liked. I also liked the way he did it, because it had a lot of detail. If I had did that art I would do the same piece of art.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grace Clay Work shop

As we entered it looked like a rainbow was in here. They were lots of colours on the walls and on the saelens, But not paint shiny glass. We first got an apron put it on and then sat down.
Sue and Georgia told us the instructions. Then we got to work, some started their clay
and some were still thinking. I started got my clay and got my kebab stick and cut out the sides.I cut my clay and rolled up the leftovers and got this glue made out of clay and water. First I did cross hatches on the clay around the edges then put the glue over. I went to the glass after doing my decorations inside. I put my shiny glass in the glay, Sue said that the glass will melt into the clay.           

Friday, June 8, 2012

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter who enjoyed painting the same subject, landscape or cityscape. Each painting was captured a moment in time. In each season there was different colours in light.

Monet created a beautiful water garden at his home in Giverny and used it as his subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly reflecting the world.

The painting of the japanese bridge show an arched  bridge crossing a pond. The pond also changes colours throughout the day or season. It is surrounded with trees and shrubs reflecting light of it surface.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter along with his wife Sonia. He and his wife invented the orphism art form. He used vibrant colour and geometric shapes. He was also a writer of poems.

He liked to use vibrant colors that brings his art alive. He also used contrasting colours because he must of liked how it looked interesting. He also used geometric shapes for object or people in his art work.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman, he painted a large leaf plant on the left hand side.
Each leaf  was used with contrasting colours. In the center of the picture he used circle as she was at work.  

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Delaunay.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flicking and Dripping

Just doing our work Mr Marks told us we will be doing art. What a exciting activity. We got our A3 paper and put it on a cardboard, I sellotaped my A3 paper onto my cardboard.

I grabbed a paintbrush and splattered it on my paper. What a mess but it was cool. Have you ever splattered paint on paper before?

I used contrasting colours it was very colourful. As soon as we could we flicked, splattered and we dribbled all the colors before we packed up.  

The artist we were inspired by was Jackson Pollock. He lived in America. He was married and he smoked and drank a lot. His wife’s name was Lee krasner. He died at 44 in a car crash at an early age. He was really passionate about his art.   


Friday, May 18, 2012

Could Creatures Live Without Rain

If there was no rain the sea creatures will be the only creatures alive. It is possible that the creatures that live on land would not survive without rain.

There are a few parts of the world where it  does not rain. In the desert plants and animals can not live there because it does not rain there.

Some people in the city get angry when it rains. They forget that farmers badly need to grow  grass and food. Also cattle needs water.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Grace swimming lessons

Getting ready to go to swimming we grabbed our bags and went. As we were walking I heard all the of our plastic bags while the wind was blowing. During while we were going there, I could already smell the chlorine near. As soon as we got there we went inside and I nearly slip on the slippery surface.

We tiptoed across to put our bags down. I went to go to take off my uniform and went to go and rines myself. Cold as an ice block I jumped in and it was really cold.

The person that was teaching us gave us a flutter board and told us to go and swim to the end. While swimming to the end my legs got very tired, I was beginning to give up. My legs still swimming nearly to the end I stop, the person “said’ to me to keep on going so I did’. I made it I “said’ in my head’ I couldn't wait again for my turn.

Unfortunately we had to go back to school. It was really disappointing to go but we get to go the next day for two weeks.   


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rippa Rugby

I was really excited to go to EDEN park. I could not wait to go there.
After school on Friday 27th of April, we all went to the hall and waited there.

Some of the glee people were there in the hall, because they had glee.
We got ready and we jump into the car and off we went. I went with Mr Marks as well as Annliz and another girl.

We set off and went to eden park. On the way there we lost Mrs va’afusuaga. Mr Marks called her on his phone when we got there.
She said that she was just finding a spot where they can park.

When we got on the field I had butterflies in my stomach. We had a really great day at eden park, then the miserable weather came. As fast as we finished our game we ran to the pirate mascot. Next after all that excitement game we watched the blues game and we got merchandise.
We all went home at half time and that was a miserable thing to.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grace Term 2 immersion assembly

I was looking forward to going to school after the holidays. I was mostly looking forward to seeing my friends. After meeting my friends the bell rang and we all lined up for the immersion assembly. That’s  when all of the teachers dress up in costumes and do an act of what we are doing this term.

We all went to the hall and saw cool and amazing costumes. We sat down and looked at all the teachers. Then the assembly started and Team One put on a movie about animal patterns. Team two was on next. They showed a movie it was so funny, then they did an act and it was funny too.  All painting and statues came art alive when Mrs Barks was talking about art.

Next it was team 3, 4 and 5 and all of their ones were cool. But my favorite one was team 2.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

School holidays

I am really looking forward to the school holiday. I really can't wait for Easter. Me and my mum and family is going to go to lots of places.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camp cooking

Do you wish that you could cook what ever you want? At camp we did camp cooking. We went into the tuck shop with Miss Jarman. All of us were very excited when she told us what we were going to cook, we were going to bake chocolate cookies. Yummy!

First thing we did was wash our hands. Miss Jarman melted the butter and got us into three groups. All of us mixed the mixer and after all of that we add the chocolate chips. We had a little taste and it was yum. Then we put it in the oven. It smelled great when we pull it out and then we had a little taste and it was delicious.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleeping in a tent

Sleeping in my tent I felt water dripping down the sides, it came in and wet my sleeping bag. I heard strange noises but mostly teachers telling off some people because they were not going to sleep. The lumpy uneven ground was making my back sore. Some people were not asleep and they were eating and munching on their secret stashes of lollies and chips.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My School Camp

Wow do you know what we did on Wednesday? Well we were at a SCHOOL CAMP! Have you ever been to a school camp before?

The first thing we did was top team. Wow that was a really hard game. After that it was time for cooking. We went to got to the tuck shop to wait. We waited for Miss Jarman to come and tell us what we are cooking.

My favorite thing at camp was kayaking. It was really, but my friend want to go with me because she as never been before. I really want to go by my self, but instead I went with her. I got a turn by my self and it was cool.

At night time we got into our Pj's. We were like a school full of Pj's. We watched the move and then went to bed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obstacle Course

Wow guess what we were doing in the hall? Well we were doing an Obstacle course. They did not tell use what we were doing, until we saw what was in the hall.

Everyone with excitement we all sat down. I think we did it class by class.
Mr Marks told use the instructions, it looked all easy but then he said that we had to do it blind fold.

We were all scared because we mite fall off of some think. But luckily we get into pairs so one can tell the other one directi ons. When it was my turn I was not nervous but I was a little scared.

Mr Marks put the blind fold on me, and I went along the bean,like I was walking on the plank. I walked across the ropes. When I got near the tarpaulin, when I went under it, it was like I was going into a dark cave. I walked near the stage I walked on it and I jumped of and I nearly fall of but I did not. After everyone had a turn It was time to go, I hope we could do that again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Wow have you ever been to a picnic before? Well I have, the whole school is going to a picnic. Everyone had excitement in them. Walking in a line of convoy of a chaotic crazy children, were really impatient.

When we got to the beach we sat down and listen to Mr Burt. When he was talking I was waiting for Mr Burt to finish then we rushed of where to put our bags.

I instantaneous to volley ball like a speedy car. There were lots of sports to do. It was like a sports festival.

Volley ball was just a success, lots of kids wanted to play, so Mrs M split them into teams. After that I thought that we should go down to the beach. Then we saw Mr Marks, I went to go and tell him if it was morning tea, and it was.

Next we asked Mr Marks if he wanted to play with us. Have you ever play this game called force-back? Well this is how you play. You kick the ball and if you catch the ball on a full you can run 10 steps forwards, you can play with to teams. Me, Aldora, Hope, Mele, Annliz, Ana, Charlee and Mr Marks.

During the game it was time to have lunch but after having lunch it was time to go . Full Of disappointment all the kids getting there bags and helping there teachers, we lined up and went back to school. Me and Charlee were way ahead of everyone. I hope we could go again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finding Images that I can use

1. Go to google search and type in dogs.

2. Click on images.

3.Then click cogwheel and click on advanced search.

4. Then click on Only images labeled for reuse. Conditions might apply.

5. Click search images then click on an image, the one you want.

6. Take a Screenshot of the image you want. Control and the number four to screenshot

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grace Kiwifruit

When I got my kiwifruit it looked like a rock. It looked like a potato.

Next after looking at it, I felt it and it felt bumpy , like a rocky road. Its hairy like someones beared.
After a few seconds it got a little soft like a soft ball.

Mr Marks cut the kiwifruit in half. Inside it, it looked like ants were in the middle of the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit inside, it looked like a swimming pool inside it.

The kiwifruit tasted crunchy in my mouth. Inside my mouth I could taste a seed. Also the seed was sweet like strawberry. Strawberry's have seeds on the outside but kiwifruit have seeds on the inside.

When the kiwifruit was all gone it looked like a cup. It also looked like a bowl.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grace Respect

Remember to Purua to Potea when playing outside
Everyone respect all visitors
Stop, look and listen when the teacher is talking
Play the right way in the class room
Every time I do something silly I always stop, think and do
Champions never give up when we are playing sports
Take charge of your W.I.T.S when in school

Friday, February 3, 2012

My first blog post

Hi my name is grace. I am in room fifteen and I am a year six . My teacher is Mr Marks. My best friends are Hope,Mele ,Aldora and Ana.

This year I want to be in lots of things like netball, production and glee.
last year I played netball and I was in the production, I danced in the production in the army it was cool. I was the captain of the netball team.

I am looking forwards to camp this year I really want to be with my friends. I hope my friends go to the year six camp,But I know that Mele is going.