Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stardome trip

Earlier this week we went to Stardome for our field trip. While we were there we decided to go for a walk up One Tree Hill. With great difficulty we walked up One Tree hill, I saw lots of sheep. When I was going up I could see craters with rocks.

All of room 15 and 13 raced, chased and rolled down into the crater. It was quite difficult
to get down. Have you ever been into a crater before? Slipping and sliding down the crater, finally I got down but there were many sheep. I wrote my name with rocks when I was inside the crater.

After coming down One Tree Hill we went in to the Stardome. Wow! I was so excited after the Stardome but also full of disappointment when we went back to school. I hope we get to go back again.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walking On The Moon

Wow guess what it felt like when I landed on the moon. In the space ship I got really excited because we were on the moon. As I got ready to step onto the moon I felt butterflies in my stomach.

With great difficulty to move I took my first step. Walking was awkward because there was no gravity. I jumped from place to place. When I was on the moon I could see the dusty ground. When I was walking around I could hear the whispering wind.

Have you ever dreamed that you were on the moon?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

Wow do you know what we do on Wednesday? We have been learning the skills required to play Aussie Rules. When you play a game called Aussie rules you will be using an essential piece of equipment which is a kiwi kick. There will be four goal post and you will have to kick it through to get points. A drop punt is a skill you use in Aussie Rules. The main thing to know about the drop punt is, laces away for faces and hands pointing to the ground. It was awkward because when you hit it, it goes in all sorts of directions. My favorite skill in Aussie Rules is hand ball and my favorite game is bomb the teacher.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow do you know what we did last Friday? Well we played badminton. Mr Marks got us some bats to hit with. Donna who was our new coach came to teach us. Demonstrating what to do Donna first gave us some instructions. Then she looked around to see who was good for demonstrating what to do.

Looking to see if someone was sitting up she pointed at Lorenzo, she asked him if he wanted to demonstrate and he said yes. Before demonstrating Emma said that we will be playing volley badminton. Then she demonstrated, that if you hit the shuttle and miss, then your turn is over.

It was girls vs girls and boys vs boys. My buddy was Quziyah and we were very good. Feeling nervous she got out because Hope hit the shuttle, but when Quziyah went to hit it she missed. I have beat all the girls. After the last game we went back to class to work. I was happy but I was sad that we were going because I want to play volley badminton again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ripper Rugby

Every Friday we play ripper rugby. I got two tries. It was like I was at a rugby game and everyone was cheering for me. The boys got one try but I got two tries.

Full of disappointment the other team was sad because they did not win. The result was three to us and one to them. Some of the kids went sadly to class. I am looking forward to next week.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Cushions

My picture is of a heart.We painted on paper because we were practicing for our cushion. I would not change my picture because it looks better then my other one. My next step is to do it on fabric.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last Wednesday we played a game called netball. Some boys were playing because it was a mix of boys and girls. We got into uniform to play, but the boys forgot so we walked to our room first because Brodie-Jack needed to get changed.
When we got to the netball courts, we were all excited. The boys were happy because it was their first time. While we were waiting we saw Panmure Bridge School because they were playing.

They looked like they would be easy to beat but when we played them they were a little bit hard. At the end of the game we had nine to one, we won the game. Quietly we went passed to have some lunch. After lunch we were going to play but then the school that we were going to play only had one team. Very quietly we sat down for the hour, Wow!

I went to the toilet and some netball players were playing with the lights. I was very scared, when the lights were off but they turned it back on, I went back out to play handgames until we could play netball.

The next school we were playing were not very hard. As soon as the buzzer rung we raced up in by the circle and caught the ball. I turned around and passed it to my team so we could win, my team was crying for the ball but I didn’t know who to pass to so I passed it to Brodie-jack so he could get it down to the goal shoot.

With a sigh we got that goal and we won, it was so exciting. It was like we were famous but we weren't because we are just a student netball team.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow! We were all excited because we were going to the pools to swim.
At lunch time we raced to get our togs and we lined up quickly so we could go. Room seventeen were coming swimming with us too.

While we were walking I heard the rustling of our plastic bags. We were all so excited! As we walked into the pools we said hello to the reception ladies and they said hello back to us. You could smell the chlorine and chemicals as you walked in. Some people say that it smells nice, but to me it smells worse than toe-jam! All of room fifteen girls went to the girls room and the boys went to the boys room.

Inside the toilets we were getting into our swimming togs to go swimming. Very quietly we walked past the big pool to go around to the shower. My shower was very cold so I went into the another shower which was nice and hot. After rinsing off I went and sat down next to my cousin Quziyah. Sitting still I got old very quickly. I felt like I was an ice cube because I was so freezing!

When it was my turn I jumped into the pool when Miss Garden was not looking. Before she turned around I swapped places with this boy so I was next to my friend Hope. Miss Garden got us some flutter boards to swim with. She told me to try freestyle so I did. When I got back to her Miss Garden told me that I was good at me swimming. Swimming was a lot of fun, but our turn was over quickly because the other class had arrived.

We got back into our clothes and went outside to go back to school. While we were waiting patiently, I heard the rustling plastic bags again. Very nicely we walked quietly around by the play ground back to our class past Room 14. I look forward to the next time we go swimming.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Tower

Wow! On Monday it was a blast because we were building towers. Half of the class went to Room Fourteen. Instead I stayed and my best friend went to the other class.

Mr Marks told us the instructions. Mr Marks first got us some newspaper to get started. We got into threes and fours. We got started and the first thing we did was think and think until we came up with the idea that we were going to roll it into cylinders. It was frustrating for our team because it keep on toppling over. We put something down by the tower so it wouldn’t tip over, but it did. It was very high, it was even taller than me. We were working as a team.

We finish and it was stable. When Mr Mark said to stop it fell over. We lost but we had fun.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baseball with Cola

On Thursday room 15 was excited because we were going to play baseball. When we got there
we all sat down on the grass. Cola said to us you are team Pepsi and you are team Cola.

I was in Pepsi team and Quziyah was on the other team. When it was my turn I had butterflies
in my stomach. When I hit the ball, it went so far and they had to grab the ball, but I was all ready gone. When Hope went to bat the ball I slide to the base and then
ran to the other base and the last base then I got to home base.

We got six home runs, but then it was the other teams turn. They got eight home runs. We lost but we all had fun, I felt happy when I went.

Monday, February 28, 2011


It was tragic and sad for the people who were trapped inside old collapsed buildings.
The people in Christchurch had to evacuate, so they would not get hurt. The people were heart-broken. People in Christchurch need assistance.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Exciting Holiday

My holiday highlight was going to the movies with my family. My favourite movie was Little Fockers, because it was funny. After the movies we went to Swim O Rama, I was hot. My sister is a good swimmer. I went down the hydro slide, it was fun. I wish I can go there again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011