Friday, July 1, 2011

My Cushions

My picture is of a heart.We painted on paper because we were practicing for our cushion. I would not change my picture because it looks better then my other one. My next step is to do it on fabric.


  1. Hi Grace me Ana i really your writing.

  2. Hi Grace
    I really like your writing and your picture. Hope you have a great day have a good drawing on your fabric.

    By Hope Loia your best friend

  3. Hi Grace
    I like your story about you picture it looks cool because i like hearts great word

  4. Hey Grace

    I really liked your bright and light colors that you have used.

    KEEP IT UP!!

    From Asena.

  5. Hi grace I really liked your herat you panited that was a perfect heart you just remind me of loving my mom.MaryI


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