Friday, April 11, 2014


My highlights about fiafia was seeing my old friends. I had seen a lot of people that use to come to Pt England. I saw Jasmine, I had known her for a long time now but hadn't seen her for a while.

When it was time to get change, I ran as fast as I could to my classroom. I tried fitting into my costume, my sisi kept on falling of. Trying to put my hair in place Mrs Lagitupu had told us to come in for a photo.

Sitting down and looking at others perform was amazing. The most annoying thing that bugged me was the sisi, because people kept on playing with it.

When it was time to go on, I felt very scared. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was scared that I might get the dance moves wrong or no one would clap after our performance. but on the other of it I felt happy and excited as well.

When I was performing I had butterflies in my stomach. I was sweating because of the lights, it had made me hot. But it all went well when I was dancing.    

My favourite parts about fiafia was seeing the Samoan group. I love it how the were not shy, happy and trying the hardest. I like how they we getting into the music. I would love to see it once more time.  

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  1. Hi Grace sounds like you had a great time on Fia Fia night. Fantastic job on describing what you felt and did. To bad that I did get the chance to see you perform, but by your writing I could tell that you had a good time being reunited with your old friends. Also I like your picture that you added you look pretty in it. I would also like to know what group you were in? Keep up the Spectacular work, also be good in class and try not to get into trouble.

    BY Alexandria Johnny :)


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