Monday, May 14, 2012

Grace swimming lessons

Getting ready to go to swimming we grabbed our bags and went. As we were walking I heard all the of our plastic bags while the wind was blowing. During while we were going there, I could already smell the chlorine near. As soon as we got there we went inside and I nearly slip on the slippery surface.

We tiptoed across to put our bags down. I went to go to take off my uniform and went to go and rines myself. Cold as an ice block I jumped in and it was really cold.

The person that was teaching us gave us a flutter board and told us to go and swim to the end. While swimming to the end my legs got very tired, I was beginning to give up. My legs still swimming nearly to the end I stop, the person “said’ to me to keep on going so I did’. I made it I “said’ in my head’ I couldn't wait again for my turn.

Unfortunately we had to go back to school. It was really disappointing to go but we get to go the next day for two weeks.   


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