Monday, March 14, 2011

Baseball with Cola

On Thursday room 15 was excited because we were going to play baseball. When we got there
we all sat down on the grass. Cola said to us you are team Pepsi and you are team Cola.

I was in Pepsi team and Quziyah was on the other team. When it was my turn I had butterflies
in my stomach. When I hit the ball, it went so far and they had to grab the ball, but I was all ready gone. When Hope went to bat the ball I slide to the base and then
ran to the other base and the last base then I got to home base.

We got six home runs, but then it was the other teams turn. They got eight home runs. We lost but we all had fun, I felt happy when I went.


  1. Hi Grace, I like your story about baseball. I played baseball it is fun. I hope you had fun? I love how you said you had butterflies in your tummy. I get that too! I am so shy to bat it fells likes everyone is going to laugh. Well that is all for now. I hope you get a chance to look at my blog.

    From Gloria

  2. Hi Grace I like your story that you wrote about Base ball it's cool. I like Base ball do you?I want to say hi,Love from Aldora.

  3. Hi Grace
    I really enjoyed reading it and I like the part when you used my name.


  4. Hi grace

    I love your story about baseball and you being excied about playing it aswell hope you the best grace

    from lsieli in room 13

  5. Hey Grace

    I relly want to go back to school and you have one good piece of writing this is a comment from me Asena in the holidays.

    Love Asena!

  6. Hi Grace

    I really love your writing. I really want to come back but I will be coming back on June. By the way I am really injoying my trip in Australia.

    From Asena!


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