Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last Wednesday we played a game called netball. Some boys were playing because it was a mix of boys and girls. We got into uniform to play, but the boys forgot so we walked to our room first because Brodie-Jack needed to get changed.
When we got to the netball courts, we were all excited. The boys were happy because it was their first time. While we were waiting we saw Panmure Bridge School because they were playing.

They looked like they would be easy to beat but when we played them they were a little bit hard. At the end of the game we had nine to one, we won the game. Quietly we went passed to have some lunch. After lunch we were going to play but then the school that we were going to play only had one team. Very quietly we sat down for the hour, Wow!

I went to the toilet and some netball players were playing with the lights. I was very scared, when the lights were off but they turned it back on, I went back out to play handgames until we could play netball.

The next school we were playing were not very hard. As soon as the buzzer rung we raced up in by the circle and caught the ball. I turned around and passed it to my team so we could win, my team was crying for the ball but I didn’t know who to pass to so I passed it to Brodie-jack so he could get it down to the goal shoot.

With a sigh we got that goal and we won, it was so exciting. It was like we were famous but we weren't because we are just a student netball team.

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  1. Hi Grace how are you
    well I just commented on my best freind hope and you. well I what are you doing. I love your story about the netball it is cool. I wish I was there. love from Aldora


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