Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walking On The Moon

Wow guess what it felt like when I landed on the moon. In the space ship I got really excited because we were on the moon. As I got ready to step onto the moon I felt butterflies in my stomach.

With great difficulty to move I took my first step. Walking was awkward because there was no gravity. I jumped from place to place. When I was on the moon I could see the dusty ground. When I was walking around I could hear the whispering wind.

Have you ever dreamed that you were on the moon?


  1. Hey Grace, I am looking at your blog from Christchurch. Your poem is greats - lots of really interesting words and supporting illustrations! Jen

  2. Ki ora Grace,
    I'm your Blog Buddy Jennifer.I really like your story because you had awesome punctuation and cool topic words that makes your story amazing.I hope you have a great time in your class and have fun!!!!!


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