Friday, November 9, 2012

Flying Through Space

One sunny day Bella thought to herself that she will do something amazing today. Maybe go to the mall or do something with her friends, no she wanted to fly into space but instead of going to space maybe fly around the world, exploring, But afraid she couldn’t fly like a bird or like a airplane.

Her dad Benson was a scientist, he always wanted his daughter to have the things she wanted. He over heard what she was saying, he ran back to his lab. At night Benson creeped inside her room, while she was sleeping Benson tipped the formula on Bella.

When Bella woke up she was floating like there was no gravity. She flew out the window and played outside she flew up and down around and around, but soon she wanted to go back inside but she couldn’t, she tried and tired back she just couldn’t, the flying got out of control. She was going into space.

She screamed and screamed for help. Know one could hear her, nearby there was a dragon peaceful asleep. Until she woke the dragon up. The dragon flew up to help the screaming girl.

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