Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kawau Island

On Tuesday the 20th of November the year sixe’s went to Kawau island.  Have you ever been to Kawau island? Well I have. I got up in the morning at
6.30am and went to school. All the people that was going on to kawau island had a meeting including us.

All of us went on the bus and to sandspit. On the way there we saw lots of things. When we got to sandspit my legs were so sleepy.

We had a little something to eat and then we could have a play around. When the ferry came we took all the bags to the ferry. We went on the ferry and off we went to kawau island.

On the way there it was cold but cool. Finally we got to kawau island, we unloaded our bags and went to our cabins. After that we went for a walk around the place. Next after the walk we walk back and it was time for dinner.

After dinner we got into our Pj’s and went to sleep. In the morning went got into our trainer and went for a run. After our long run went had breakfast.

My favorite thing there was sailing. On thursday we had performances our team kawau won.       

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  1. Hi Grace I like your story about your camp it sounds cool.Im Alex Walker and I go to a school like yours we use laptops and google like your school. My school is Ngatea Primary School.


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