Thursday, July 4, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tail.......

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood who lived in the forest. She hated going outside. Her best friend was her phone and her laptop. One day her mother Helen ask her to walk to her grandma’s house to take a bowl of soup, because she was sick.  She said to her mother “why can’t we get a car or a bike” the mom said “because we don’t have money, we are poor remember ”. Little Red Riding Hood replied “ Okay mom”.

Little Red Riding Hood went off into the woods. Texting while not looking where she was going she bumped into a man, with a hairy face with blue eyes, a bold head and a basket filled with money. “Hello”she said looking suspiciously, he didn't say anything. Oops its getting late I got to go. While she was in a rush she bumped into to him again but, accidently picked up the mans basket and ran off. The suspicious man look into his basket “ahhh” where’s my money. The man was a bank robber.

He thought that if he followed her he would find his money, and find the girl. Little Red Riding Hood opened the door and saw her grandma in the bed but it really wasn't her grandma it was the bank robber. “Hi grandma” she said.      “hi “  said the robber. “ come here” the robber said” “okay” said Little Red riding hood, “ what a hairy face you have grandma” said Little Red. “better to warm your face” said the robber. “what blue eyes you got grandma” said Little Red. “ Its better because I like to be  pretty like you little red” said the robber. With a fright the robber leaped at her out of the bed! A loud noise out the back, a cop rushed in and shot him. The robber is down. The cops came running in as fast as they can. “ Thank you” said Little Red and the grandma.   

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  1. HI I like that you Story is very interesting and that lots of children like myself will love to read your story well done.


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