Monday, November 25, 2013


The sky full of clouds. throughout the evening I started setting the table for my customers. My friend was helping me set the table. Kate was drooling while I was serving the delicious food on the table. Scooping the ice cream out for the dessert made my fingers frozen as ice.

Sweat running down my face because of the hot sun. I walked over to the window and opened it to let that fresh breeze in. I quickly walked up stairs to wash my hands, I heard three knocks on the door. “My customers are here Kate get ready” I shouted.

Just before I opened the door for my customers I quickly wiped my sweat. Kate power walked towards the door and introduced her self to our guests. We quickly took them to their table. “Would you like to order anything else” Kate asked the guests “No thanks, this would be enough” the guests replied.

As they were eating Kate and I were on our break and when we came back inside we got a fright because we saw two giraffes poking their head through the window, getting ready to eat our guests food. “ My guests please get out this is argent!” Kate screamed to the guests so then my customers took their food and dessert with them.


  1. Hey Grace,

    What an interesting story :) I am curious what the guests had for dinner before their icecream. My guess is something that smelled just as good to a giraffe. I love the way you've used your adjectives to make us think about how you felt in the story.

    Keep it up :). Mr. Hutchings

  2. Hey Gracie!
    I really really like your writing! Great job on using different sentence beginnings and I really like how you described everything clearly and in detail. Maybe you should use some more really cool vocab and brush up on on your punctuation! But honestly, your writing is going really well! Keep it up!

    From Gloria :)


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