Monday, March 31, 2014

Netball- Grace

Netball is a very physical, hard working game. When you play netball you sweat, you get tired, you can hurt your self by jumping up high and you might hurt your knee. Netball is very hard to learn because we are not allowed to step.

]Wing attack, wing attack feeds the ball into the oval. But wing attack can not go everywhere on the court. Wing defence, defences the ball from getting to the other side. There's a lot more positions like gold shoot, gold attack, gold keep, gold defence and more.   

Last week we had netball trials. I got change into my P.E and waited for our coach. Once she came we had put our pips on and got into positions. I really wanted to get into team one. Sweat coming down my face as I was running for the ball. I got nervous when I was shooting the ball.

I love netball. last year I went to A.M.I. unfortunately I didn't make it to the next trial. My goal is to try hard and practise to get into a.m.i. Last year Porscha, Mary I, Mary L, Jaylee, Hope and Mel had trial with me.

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