Friday, March 14, 2014


Yay! Fiafia is coming up. Fia fia is a performance that the whole school learns. We can pick what group we would like to be in. We have a lot of groups like, bollywood, Kapa Haka, Samoan, Niuean, Cook Island and more.

Para 2: We have practices on thursday in the afternoon. We pick up little kids so they don’t go to the wrong class. We practices for an hour, we sing and learn hip hop moves, also we sway in some groups.

Para 3: I am in the niuean group. Its really cool learning the dance. I like it how my friend is in the same group as me, she really enjoys being in the niuean group. I was in the niuean group last year because my form didn’t submit, so I got put in the niuean group and I enjoyed it.   

Para 4: Fia fia is amazing because last year we had food stores, parents selling their food and lollies. I hope that it could be the same this year. I love how the stage is so big.

Para 5: Last year we had Fiafia night on our school field. So I think we are going to do it again. There was lots of parents, kids, grandparents, friends in the audience.

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  1. Hi Grace! My name is Catherine and I am a student at a university in the United States. I have never heard of Fia fia before, but it sounds really interesting and fun! When I was younger, we used to have a day that we called "International Day" where we did the same thing-brought different foods, candy, treats. International Day was more like stuff from different countries, but it was the same idea. It sounds like you really enjoyed being in the Niuean group, and I bet you were crazy excited when you found out your friend was in it with you! I hope you enjoy all the days you have left in school this year! Good luck!


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