Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grace Kiwifruit

When I got my kiwifruit it looked like a rock. It looked like a potato.

Next after looking at it, I felt it and it felt bumpy , like a rocky road. Its hairy like someones beared.
After a few seconds it got a little soft like a soft ball.

Mr Marks cut the kiwifruit in half. Inside it, it looked like ants were in the middle of the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit inside, it looked like a swimming pool inside it.

The kiwifruit tasted crunchy in my mouth. Inside my mouth I could taste a seed. Also the seed was sweet like strawberry. Strawberry's have seeds on the outside but kiwifruit have seeds on the inside.

When the kiwifruit was all gone it looked like a cup. It also looked like a bowl.

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  1. I like your work grace that is the best from you girl keep it up and I can't wait for your next blog post.


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