Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Huffing and Puffing I'm nearly there

Nearly every day team four go running for cross country, because cross country’s coming up and we are getting ready. We go out to the courts and line up.  Mr Marks calls out the years like year 5 and 6. He calls out year 5 boys and all of the year 5 boys start running. Out they went racing off.

I was very nervous but when he said year 6 girls I started running as fast as I could. It got very crowded when we were going through the door. Running through the boys I was coming first. I started sweating and getting very tired and slow. As I got near the gate I just started to go very fast. I don’t know why.

I made it I said to myself as I walk around the outside of the court. We did our exercise then we tiredly went back to class.


  1. Hi Grace I think your writing is exquisite.
    I was sweating as well. What can you do to make your writing more interesting? Any ways can't wait to see your next blog post.

  2. Its good to see that your paragraphs are about one idea Grace.


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