Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Golf

 On July the 24th it was my birthday, me and my friends went to mini golf on July the 27th. It was so exciting to go. I picked Mele, Quziyah and my cousin to come. We went to go and pick them up and they gave me presents. Then off we went hungry for mini golf.

We went to the course and started to play. I went first. I hit the ball like a bullet and I got it in, in two go’s. My mum was last and she got it in, in one go. After that great game we finally got to the pirate ship. It was very hard because the poles were in the way. I was full of disappointment because I came last at mini golf but it was fun.

After mini golf we went to Burger King. We had chocolate and caramel ice cream. Yum! We all went to my house after Burger King and Mele and Quziyah slept over at my house.     

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