Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five A Side Football Grace

Guess what? We have been watching movies about Paralympics. There really good at what they play. Paralympics means something is wrong with there legs, arms or if they are blind or can’t hear. Five  a side football is made for blind people or other people. They have to be blindfolded so it could be fear. They have speedy legs it was like he was a professional player. I can’t even believe that they could get a goal.  


  1. Hey Grace

    I love your picture and writing. ! I want to be blind and play 5 a side soccer. You help me find out what five a side is. Next you could edit your work but it was a good, interesting and sounds lots of fun.

    I have to go
    See ya

  2. Hi grace I really like writing about the paralympics I the best writing.

  3. Hi gracey,
    I love the way you started your story. It caught my eye... especially when you said 'They have speedy legs it was like he was a professional player.' it was real thoughtful. once again keep up the great work...bye!

  4. Hi Grace I enjoyed reading your writing. It was great. I didn't find any mistakes and that sounds awesome. I really liked your hook. Any ways Keep up the good work!


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