Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Alien

Years ago there were aliens, the alien had dragons for cars and humans for pets. There were these two aliens named Ally, Tim, Ally's pet bubbles and Tims little sister named little blue. Ally and Tim were best friends but tim was hiding a secret. His secret was that he like ally but not as a friend. They were neighbours and they always like to play games. They always hid from the M.A.D Monster alien detective and stands for MAD! One day Ally was walking her pet bubbles to the zombie park, until she bumped into the Monster alien detective. They took
Ally and pet bubbles. As well Tim and his little sister was going to the zombie park. Tim and little blue hid behind the rocks and saw Ally and pet bubbles getting taken away.Tim followed the vane into a dark tunnel. They went into the dark secret tunnel. The tunnel inside had human pets gardening the door. Tim saw Ally screaming through the window. To be continued.....  

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